Preprufe 300R Plus

Preprufe 300R Plus

Product description

New generation Preprufe® membranes with unique Preprufe® ZipLap™ system for quick and safe application in any season and climate In underground part of the building.

Preprufe® Plus Insulation Membranes are composite sheets consisting of a pure HDPE membrane, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a top layer of walkable protective layer with Preprufe® ZipLap™ adhesive double laps for added security and ease of installation at lap locations.

GCP has combined its proven Advanced Bond Technology™ with over 25 years of experience on large projects to create a waterproofing membrane with unique properties, providing technical and economic advantages. Advanced Bond Technology™ – technology that provides a continuous and permanent bond to the concrete being placed or adjacent to it, preventing the migration of water between the structure and the membrane, significantly improving protection against leakage.

Benefits during application – The Preprufe® Plus system is simple, fast and safe. Additional products are limited to a single tape and Bituthene® LM Liquid Membrane detail sealing needs. The entire installation can be performed by two trained employees, which saves costs and working time. Unique Preprufe® ZipLap™ laps ensure fast and effective lap bonding even in adverse conditions.


• Fast, simple and safe – designed for efficient site installation and long-term waterproofing properties.
• Advanced Bond Technology™ reduces risk – creates a permanent and continuous bond with the reinforced concrete structure. The only proven, effective solution to prevent high-pressure water migration.
• Double self-adhesive Preprufe® ZipLap™ waterproof laps – easy to install all year round even in harsh conditions. The overlaps remain clean and dry until the seal is applied.
• Reduces cost and time – quick installation with a 2-person team.
• No hidden additives – no primers, sealants, fillet welds or special equipment required.
• Extended exposure time – a unique protective layer constituting a barrier to UV up to 56 days of exposure before the start of placing the concrete mix. It gives the possibility of flexible construction planning in the event of delays in the implementation of the project.
• Light, easy to handle – smaller storage area and greater safety compared to thicker, heavier technologies with a larger volume.
• Simple system – installation of the insulation system requires only a membrane and a single tape.
• Easy shaping of details – integral connection of the membrane with the structure by means of an adhesive layer eliminates the need to divide the elements into smaller fields, as is the case with systems not related to the structure.
• Smooth, non-absorbent surface – unlike geotextile-covered membranes, the membrane resists site contamination and is easy to clean prior to pouring concrete, ensuring a permanent bond to the structure.
• No need to divide elements into fields – integral adhesive connection eliminates the need for complex divisions used in membranes that do not actively bond with concrete.
• One-coat, cold-applied – One-coat system, does not require a protective layer or working with an open flame.
• Resistant waterproof HDPE geomembrane – durable, strong, protects the structure against chemical attack, salt and sulphide action and gas penetration.
• 25 Years of Experience – Preprfe® membranes have been used for over 25 years on many large and small projects around the world.
• Passive insulation – unlike bentonite-based systems, the system does not require activation, is resistant to soil contamination, rain and dry/wet cycles during the construction and use of the structure.
• Complete GCP system – GCP’s complete range of hydrophilic and PVC tapes for the protection of structural expansion joints, including wide expansion joints (seismic areas). Can be used in conjunction with the GCP range of self-adhesive membranes to be installed over existing structures.



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