Liquid waterproofing Servidek® / Servipak®

Liquid waterproofing Servidek® / Servipak®

Product description

The two-component rubber/bitumen cold applied waterproofing material is designed for concrete and steel road/rail bridges and trafficked decks.

Servidek®/Servipak® is suitable for new and remedial waterproofing applications in bridges, minimising traffic disruption.

• Damp surface tolerant – wide ‘weather window’ for application
• Elastomeric – will accept cracking in substrates caused by deflection or shrinkage
• Low temperature performance – adhesion and flexibility properties maintained in -40°C service conditions
• Critical path – finishes can be installed 4 hours after waterproofing installation
• No priming – SERVIDEK® waterproofing applied directly to clean substrates
• Simple application by squeegee/trowel – no specialist application equipment
• Robust SERVIPAK® Protection Boards – prevent membrane damage from following trades and asphalt laying equipment
• Suitable for application to “green”/fresh concrete – when necessary the system can be applied to “green”/fresh concrete, usually after 24 hours. It can also act as a curing layer when applied to “green” concrete.

Bucket: 20.47 kg + 4.5 kg (Part A + Part B)

Servipak® 3: 3 mm x 1 m x 1.5 m (1.5 sq m)
Servipak® 6: 6 mm x 1 m x 1.5 m (1.5 sq m)
Servipak® 12: 12 mm x 1 m x 1 m (1 sq m)


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