The year 2023 at Proventuss was full of events: training, fairs, industry conferences.

The beginning of the year was mainly marked by stationary Aluron Alu-Meeting training courses, which took place in several cities in Poland: in Wrocław, Janów Lubelski, Serock near Warsaw, in Puszczykowo, Warlubie and Augustów and enjoyed considerable interest.

At the turn of January and February, Poznań hosted Budma and Monteriada as part of POiD, in which we took part for the first time. During the fair, we mainly promoted Vi-Pro® Liquid Foil, a temporary foil for protecting window and door joinery.

In May, the Proventuss crew visited Siderise to improve their knowledge of passive fire protection systems and acoustic insulation of facades.

During the year, we conducted technical training for MMGlass, Q4Glass, Vitroterm-Murów, and others.

In June, we were guests at the 30th anniversary of our business partner, Reconal. As a gift for the jubilarians, we have prepared a sculpture titled: “Friendship” by Spanish Artist Miguel Guia – two hands symbolizing Cooperation and Friendship.

An important event in the Proventuss calendar is its own warehouse space in Alwernia near Krakow. In September, an internal training session was held there for Polish employees and foreign partners of Proventuss.

We trained, among others: applying and removing the Vi-Pro® Liquid Foil temporary foil, sealing facades with the Vi-Pro® EPDM membrane, insulating buildings with DuPont Insta Stik polyurethane adhesive, installing a ventilated façade using the DOWSIL PanelFix system, weather sealing with DOWSIL silicones, point fixing of glass and installation of Sabco balustrades, sealing building structures with Vi-Pro® Strongbond SB 20, 25, 55 MS, operating the Vi-Pro® Dosimac 2K pump, securing photovoltaic modules and solar panels with DOWSIL Solar & PV silicones and waterproofing foundations and roofs using GCP products.

Happy New Year!



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