Two-component sealant for joining structural glass DOWSIL 3363

Two-component sealant for joining structural glass DOWSIL 3363

Product description

TWO-PART NEUTRAL CURING SILICONE SEALANT FOR MANUFACTURING OF INSULATED GLASS UNITS FOR STRUCTURAL USE, specialized sealant designed for use as secondary sealant in insulating glass units used in structural glazing. It provides an excellent adhesion to variety of substrates including float glass, soft and hard coated glass, Low-E glass, laminated and enameled glass. The sealant could be used for any kind of insulated glass with special and functional glasses, that could be impacted by extreme conditions: extreme UV impact, extreme climatic loads, high and low temperatures as well as high humidity.

• CE Marked according to ETAG 002 meets sealant requirements according to EN1279 parts 4 and 6 and EN13022
• Fast curing and non-corrosive
• Outstanding adhesion to a wide range of substrates including coated and reflective, glasses, aluminum and steel spacers, and a variety of plastics
• Outstanding resistant to ozone and ultraviolet (UV) radiation
• High level of mechanical properties- high modulus
• Excellent temperature stability
• Available in white and different grey shades

Base: 250 kg drum
Colour: white
Catalyst: HV/GER 25 kg pail
Colour: light grey, middle grey, dark grey, transparent, black


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