Silicone for fireproof seals DOWSIL FIRESTOP 700

Silicone for fireproof seals DOWSIL FIRESTOP 700

Product description

FIRE-RATED NEUTRAL SILICONE SEALANT, one-part silicone sealant for interior and exterior linear joints and penetration seals. It is ideal for weather-sealing of building facades and expansion joints where a fire rating is required. It is also suitable for use in small penetration sealing systems where pipes and cables pass through fire rated wall structures.

• Conforms to BS 476 part 22,
• Up to a 4 hour fire resistance rating
• Excellent primerless adhesion to most construction materials
• Joint movement capability ±50%
• Excellent resistance to climatic loads, weather conditions,
ozone and UV radiation
• Neutral curing system
• Full compatibility with other DOWSIL™ SG and IG sealants
• Conforms to ISO 11600-F&G-25LM

Foil sausage: 600 ml, Cartridge: 310 ml
Colour: black, grey, white



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