HDPE foil Preprufe® System

HDPE foil Preprufe® System

Product description

THE PREPRUFE® WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE IS A MODIFIED HDPE FILM coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds integrally to poured structural concrete. This unique integral bond is specifically designed to prevent any ingress or migration of water around the structure from hydrostatic pressure or groundwater contamination.

• Extended exposure time – it may remain exposed for up to 40 days after application and before placement of concrete, without detrimental effect
• Provides an effective barrier to water, moisture, radon and methane gases
• Excellent chemical resistance to salts, sulphates and chlorides
• Resists lateral water migration at extremely high pressure, up to 70 m of hydrostatic head pressure
• Self-protecting: no screed or protection layers required after installation of membrane & prior to concrete pour
• CE Mark and International Certifications including BBA, IBDiM, COBR, EOTA, ICITE, CSTB

The Preprufe® System for fast and simple applications in all seasons and climates reduces the risk of failure, while saving labor cost and time.



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