Preprufe 250

Preprufe 250

Product description

Preprufe 250 waterproofing membranes bonding with poured concrete mix for foundation slabs and single-sided formwork walls for underground parts of buildings.

Preprufe 250 is a composite, sheet membrane, consisting of an HDPE carrier layer, an active adhesive layer and a layer resistant to weather conditions.
Utilizing the unique GCP Advanced Bond Technology™, Preprfe 250 creates a continuous and permanent bond with the concrete to prevent water migration and provide long-term durability waterproofing protection.

The Preprufe 250 system includes:
• Preprufe® 250 – A watertight membrane for horizontal use under concrete slabs or for vertical use in permanent formwork systems.
• Preprufe® Tape – 100mm wide self-adhesive tape for joining roll ends, cut edges, sealing punctures and detailing. LT tape version for applications at -4C to +30C. HC tape version for applications at temperatures from +10C.
• Bituthene® LM – high quality liquid insulation for sealing various types of membrane punctures.

Preprufe 250 is placed horizontally on suitably prepared lean concrete and vertically on one-sided stay-in-place formwork. The concrete mix is placed directly on the active side of the membrane. The specially developed active adhesive layer of the Preprufe membrane creates a continuous and integral seal of the poured concrete mix. The Preprufe 250 membrane is intended for use in reinforced concrete structures, concreted on site.

Product advantages:
• Cold laid: safe, no special equipment required
• Protects against transverse water migration
• Quick and easy to lay
• Helps avoid project delays
• Excellent gas and water vapor barrier
• Naturally waterproof, no activation required
• Chemical resistant – durable
• No protective layer required: protective boards, protective concrete after membrane installation before concreting
• UV resistance: can be left on for 40 days
• Higher roll coverage: Fewer bets, easier logistics.