One-component construction sealant Vi-Pro® Strongbond SB25 MS

One-component construction sealant Vi-Pro® Strongbond SB25 MS

Product description

One-part high modulus construction sealant

Vi-Pro® Strongbond SB25 MS is a one-part high modulus and permanently elastic Silyl-Terminated Polymer construction sealant. It cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture to form an elastic sealant with excellent adhesive properties and resistance to ageing and weathering. Solvent and isocyanate-free, it has not VOC. Outstanding body and thixotropy.


• Sealing joints in vertical and horizontal applications
• External walling and cladding joints
• Weatherproofing of joints between brickwork, block-work, masonry, wood, concrete, metal frames
• Joints in walls, floors, balconies, around window or door frames
• Metal roof and gutter sealing
• Sealing and bonding between different materials
• Elastic bonding between metal, plastic, glass ond other materials


• Environmental friendly – Free of isocyanates and solvents
• No Hazard symbol required
• No bubble formation – Odorless
• Permanently elastic over a wide range of temperatures
• Accommodates joint movement of +/- 25%
• Excellent resistance to ageing and weathering; color stable and non-yellowing Silicone-free; overpaintable
• Excellent primerless adhesion on all typical construction materials and substrates


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