Neutral silicone for cold rooms and clean rooms DOWSIL 798

Neutral silicone for cold rooms and clean rooms DOWSIL 798

Product description

NEUTRAL SILICONE SEALANT FOR COLD AND CLEAN ROOMS, low modulus one-part silicone sealant, specifically formulated for sealing areas in refrigeration units and cold rooms, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). This very elastic sealant is suitable for use in either interior or exterior applications where joints are susceptible to mildew. It is a bacteriostatic sealant, better protected against the bacterial growth.

• Neutral alkoxy cure system with Titanium (Ti) catalyst
• 100% silicone polymer
• Excellent primerless adhesion to most substrates
• Resistant to ozone, UV, weather conditions and temperature extremes
• Low modulus, high elasticity
• Low odor
• Resistant to mildew and mould growth
• Bacteriostatic sealant. Antibacterial properties according to ISO22196: 2007 for MRSA, E.Colis, Salmonella and ISO 846 for P.Aeruginosa
• Conforms to ISO 11600-F&G-25LM

Cartridge: 310 ml
Colour: white



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