Dowsil 993RK Repair Kit

Dowsil 993RK Repair Kit

Product description

TWO-PART NEUTRAL CURING STRUCTURAL SILICONE SEALANT specialized sealant adhesive for the structural bonding of the glass onto the metal substructure of the curtain wall. Provides excellent adhesion to various construction materials including glass and metal (anodized and powder coated aluminum, stainless steel, etc.).

• Meets European standard for structural glazing as developed by EOTA working groups
• Approved for all four types of Structural Glazing systems (Type I, II, III, IV according to ETAG 002)
• Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including coated, enameled and reflective glasses, anodised and polyester paint coated aluminum and stainless steel
• High level of mechanical properties
• Structural capability
• Odorless and non-corrosive cure
• Excellent resistance to ozone and ultra-violet radiation (UV)
• Excellent stability through wide temperature range
• European Technical Assessment no ETA-01/0005 and CE Declaration of Conformity


Dual cartridge: 675 ml

Colour: black

Dedicated gun for application: GUNPOWERPUSH 7000




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