Cleaner and primer DOWSIL Primer 1203 3in1

Cleaner and primer DOWSIL Primer 1203 3in1

Product description

CLEANER AND PRIMER (UV TRACEABLE) recommended to clean substrates and to improve the adhesion of silicone sealants on variety of non-porous substrates.

Compatible with structural glazing and weatherproofing silicones. Can be used to clean and prime substrates in one step, to eliminate the risk of errors.

Improves adhesion on:
• anodized aluminum
• powder coated aluminum
• ceramics
• plastics
• enameled glass

Silicone should be applied within the time frames after primer application: at 25°C – 15 minutes. Time between primer and sealant
application may not exceed 6 h.

PACKAGING: 500ml can
Colour: transparent liquid


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