Product training at Defor S.A.

A few days ago, our employee Mariusz Trzęsoski conducted a training at Defor S.A. People from the technical, production, sales and purchasing departments, i.e. about 40 people, took part in the training.

Mariusz trained in the field of DOWSIL structural, fire and weather silicones, the DOWSIL 896 PanelFix System, DOWSIL 776 WB Window Bonding, talked about the Vi-Pro brand and products such as EPDM, Liquid Foil temporary foil, Strongbond and accessories. He also mentioned SADEV, Siderise and DuPont Insta-Stik glue.
During the training, Mariusz discussed the types, applications and procedures (research and laboratory) related to the products described above.



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