Polish History Museum

Proventuss Polska and Glass Space are two companies that participated in the construction of the Polish History Museum in Warsaw. Products from Proventuss have been used, among others, for:
✅ Glass external facade
✅ Glass balustrades
✅ Wall and ceiling panels and stone window sills
✅ Glass roofs
✅ Glass elevator housing.

There is a terrace on the roof of the museum where a number of Proventuss products are used. To cover the exit to the roof and the glass housing of the elevator, the Glass Space contractor used so-called point fasteners. rotul Sadev R1039 and R1006, the joints between the panes were sealed with weatherproof Dowsil 791 silicone, and the panes were bonded with Dowsil 3363 silicone. The Vi-Pro® EPDM membrane and Vi-Pro® Strongbond 20MS sealant were used to seal the decorative elevator portal.



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