Polish History Museum – new implementation

At the end of September, the Polish History Museum was opened, located in close proximity to the Warsaw Citadel. Budimex was responsible for the construction. During the project implementation, Budimex cooperated with architects, engineers and suppliers of modern sealing and adhesive solutions, including Proventuss.

Proventuss supplied the construction site with a number of sealing and adhesive products and solutions for both glass, wall and stone panels. Products from Proventuss have been used, among others, for:

  • Glass external facade
  • Glass balustrades
  • Wall and ceiling panels and stone window sills
  • Glass roofs
  • Glass elevator casing.

The unique structural bonding technology allowed for the creation of a glass façade. Proventuss not only provided a complete bonding system, which included the necessary adhesives, primers, tapes and other accessories, but also participated in the design phase by providing the necessary calculations and recommendations.

Also from Proventuss are the SADEV SABCO EVO balustrades located inside the MHP building, approximately 210 m long. This is an advanced aluminum profile system that allows for easy one-sided installation while maintaining the stiffness of the structure and a uniform glass surface. The internal balustrades were made by ZPHU Kusyk s.c. from boat.

Another application is interior wall coverings. Interior wall and ceiling panels  and stone window sills were installed using the Dowsil Panel Fix 896 system.

There is a terrace on the roof of the museum, where a number of Proventuss products are used. To cover the exit to the roof and the glass housing of the elevator, the contractor, Glass Space, used the so-called point fasteners. rotul Sadev R1039 and R1006, the joints between the glass were sealed with weatherproof Dowsil 791 silicone, and the glass was provided by Press Glass S.A. were bonded with Dowsil 3363 silicone. Vi-Pro® EPDM membrane and Vi-Pro® Strongbond 20MS sealant were used to seal the decorative elevator portal.

Produkty dostarczone przez Proventuss na MHP:

Klejenie fasady: Vi-Pro® SG Tape, Dowsil 993 RK, Dowsil R40, Dowsil Primer 1203, Dowsil 1200 OS.
Uszczelnienie fasady: Vi-Pro® Easy-to-Clean,Vi-Pro Easy to Tool, Dowsil 791.
Okładziny wewnętrzne: Dowsil 896, Dowsil Panelfix Tape, Dowsil R40, Dowsil R41, Dowsil Primer 1200

Balustrady szklane: SADEV SABCO EVO RAIL, Dowsil 799
Zadaszenie szklane: rotule SADEV R1006, Dowsil 791
Obudowa windy: rotule SADEV R1039 do szyb zespolonych, uszczelniacz Dowsil 791, silikon do zespoleń Dowsil 3363, Vi-Pro ®EPDM Mebrane, Vi-Pro® StrongBond 20MS.



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