Let’s take care of the environment together

🌱On April 17, the Proventuss Foundation carried out pro-ecological activities. Together with the entire Proventuss Group team, trees and plants were planted in front of the Proventuss warehouse building in Alwernia.

These activities are part of the project entitled: 🌿 “Green infrastructure in the city”.🌿 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, better adaptation to climate change, strengthening biodiversity, improving the quality of life, and having a positive impact on the health of city residents are the goals of this Project.

💚 The Proventuss Foundation was established in 2023 to provide charitable assistance, including helping devastated Ukraine, acting pro-ecologically, helping victims of disasters and natural disasters, and improving the quality of life of local communities.

♻️ In December 2023, the Foundation signed the Climate Declaration, becoming one of the first Signatories. This is the first document in Poland, initiated by the Donors Forum in Poland, which unites social organizations in pursuit of sustainable development and environmental protection. As part of its climate action, the Foundation undertakes, among others, to: to raise awareness, commit resources, minimize carbon footprint and report activities. The Donors Forum unites social organizations for the climate, including foundations such as: BOŚ Foundation, BNP Paribas Foundation, Santander Foundation, PwC Foundation, ING Dzieciom Foundation, and others.
🌲🌲The Proventuss Foundation encourages everyone to join the fight against climate change.
♻️Learn more about the Climate Declaration.



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