Ecological waste incineration plant in Warsaw

The expansion of the largest, most modern and most ecological incineration plant in Poland is underway! 😮 The Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant (ZUSOK) in Warsaw is a joint implementation of Proventuss Polska with Opal Grodzisk Wielkopolski. 🤝 The incinerator project meets strict environmental requirements and will be fully safe for the residents of Warsaw. 🌎
The products used on this facility by Opal Grodzisk Wielkopolski are:

  • DOWSIL 791
  • Vi-Pro® EPDM membranes
  • adhesives for EPDM membranes – Vi-Pro® EPDM Paste Adhesive 903 and Vi-Pro® EPDM Contact Adhesive 904.
    The glass is composited using DOWSIL 3363 (by GLASSKON).



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