Andersia Silver – the tallest building in Poznań

Andersia Silver is being built in the very centre of Poznań.

The height of the Andersia Silver office building is 116m. The building has 25 overground storeys and 3 underground storeys. Such dimensions make it the tallest building in Poznań and the whole Wielkopolska region!

Andersia Silver is Poland’s top A-class office building.

Segmental facades manufactured using products supplied by Proventuss Polska such as DOWSIL 993, DOWSIL 791, DOWSIL 796 for the facility are supplied by Defor S.A. of Śrem.

Products from the Vi-Pro® EPDM Paste Adhesive 903, Vi-Pro® EPDM Contact Adhesive 904 series are also used at the facility.

The glazing is bonded with DOWSIL 3363 silicone.

PORR S.A. is the general contractor for the facility.



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