Double glazing sealant PS 1000

Double glazing sealant PS 1000

Product description

PS1000 is Two component Insulated Glass Sealant based on real Polysulfide Monomers. The products offers superior mechanical properties,excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, extremely low permeability to water vapor and gas. It is solvent free and has no heavy metals.

His high chemical resistance makes PS1000 compatible with all types of profiles and with most of the material used in IG units. PS1000 has very good adhesion to glass, aluminium or stainless steel surfaces. and has very long life concerning his elastic characteristics. It allows IG producer to manufacture dual seal or triseal units.

It can be produced according to custom properties for individual markets having different dynamics in terms of climate.

Component A : 191 liters in metal drums, colour: ivory
Component B: 19 liters in metal buckets; colour: black


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